Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad – Discover the Moghul Charm of Pearl Capital
Is the cultural aficionado in demanding its piece of haven to explore and wander about? Hyderabad will do complete justice to this traveler’s quest within. Popularly, called the “Pearl Capital”, Hyderabad at present is the capital city for Andhra Pradesh and Telangna. Noted as one of the most coveted Indian travel destinations, this city is a tourists’ treasure trove of scrumptious Biriyani, historic sites, a happy go lucky lifestyle and shimmer pearl jewelery.

Visiting and reaching Hyderabad
Hyderabad is extremely well connected to the major airline services with all Indian countries. Recent statistics shows that this city is frequented by foreign travellers to a great extent, from places such as Washington. So if you are residing in Washington and want to travel to this famous Indian city within your budget, you can opt in for cheap flights from Washington to Hyderabad from the online travel agency and add to your savings.

Top Tourist Sites to Explore
With tourist sites like the Faluknama Palace and its popular Hyderabadi Biriyani and chicken platters to go along with, this city has an innate Moghul charm. To explore and absorb this Mughal essence, you can add the following sites in your sightseeing list.

If you have a secret calling for stunning architectural grandeur and structural finesse, let Charminar be a treat to your eyes! Layered in ancient anecdotes and myths passed on from one generation to the one, the Charminar exudes novelty and is a portal of history. A replica of this popular site has also been constructed in Pakistan almost 5 years back. The popular and busy jewelery market close to this monument is what adds vibrancy to its aura. Post your exploration you can walk by the lanes and browse through the stalls selling delicate and ornate trinkets and other jewelery pieces.

Mecca Masjid
One of the most ancient and pious mosques in Hyderabad, Mecca Masjid is also listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There’s a popular lore that makes this monument popular – travellers, foreign tourists or the locals who sit on the bench situated close to this mosques, will return to this site soon owing to synchronistic of events. To ascertain if this is true or not, head to the masjid and spend a while sitting on the benches.

Faluknama Palace
Being accompanies with an excellent library with roof made out of Walnut and a grand reception, the historical Faluknama Palace, once used to be the Nizam family’s royal property. In terms of the palace architecture, it is a perfect blend of Tudor and Italian designs and patterns. Rajendra Prasad is said to be the last prominent guest in the palace back in 1950. With is pale yellow and white walls, chandeliers and intricate decor, this palace transports travellers to the bygone years of the royal Nizams. You shouldn’t miss out on this one!

Hussain Sagar
Established by Hazrat Syed Hussain Shah Wali, a reputed Sufi saint back in 1526, this pristine lake spans across 5.7 square kilometres. Musi River is the source of its regular water supply. The lake is encompassed by exotic sites and landscapes and is a perfect place if you want to spend some silent hours by yourself or with your loved one. If you’re into photography, carry your camera to capture some stunning frames.

Golconda Fort
Situated at a distance of 11 kilometres towards western part of the city, the Golconda Fort was established way back in 1600’s. Back in history this monument housed the Kohinoor and the Hope diamonds. The Russian ballad titled “La Dayadere” has a mention of the Golconda Fort.

Ramojit Film City
Conceptualized by Ramoji Rao, the popular movie producer this site is the biggest movie studio in the world and is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as well. Both television serials and movies have been shot here. The compact amusement park is a must visit here.

Hyderabad is a pleasant combination of city attractions, historical sites and eateries serving Moghul and Tandoor cuisine! So regardless whether you are from Dallas or Washington, you can book cheap flights from Washington to Hyderabad from, book your accommodations in Hotel Minerva or Quality Inn Residency and enjoy a memorable vacation with your family, friends or solo.