London, UK

London, UK
One of the most popular and coveted travel destinations round the globe, London is known for its excellent English way of life and its rich cultural ethos. The successful capital city of England as well as the United Kingdom, London, UK can be best described as a 21st century city that has its ancient past going back to the Roman era. Centrally in this city you will come across the prominent and towering House of Parliament, the famous Westminster Abbey as well as the iconic Big Ben clock tower. The entire city is filled with some of the best tourist sites that reflect the British impact in a royal way. Right across the Thames Rivers, there’s the London Eye wheel that is the source of the best panoramic views of South Bank cultural scene along with the overall city. To make the most of your budget and travel affordably, you can book from the cheap flight deals provided by Flycite.

Things to see in London
Sightseeing and other tourist exploration is London happens between the autumn season, which is between the months of September and November. During this time, the climatic conditions are pleasant and mild allowing the tourists and travellers to experiense some of the best annual events that include the Halloween celebrations as well as the Totally Thames Festival.

Amongst the top tourist attractions that you can explore whilst your vacation in London are the Tower of London which is a prominent medieval castle comprising of the Crown jewels, St. Pauls Cathedral which is an iconic cathedral known for its lavish garden and courtyard, the popular Buckingham Palace, the Victorian Tower Bridge, British Museum which a treasure trove for the art lovers as well as history buffs, Palace of Westminster, Hyde Park known for its excellent green spaces and many more.

If you are visiting with your family and children make sure to explore the London Zoo that is popular for its tigers, gorillas, penguins and giraffes. Also opt in for the London Bridge Experiense for the best guided tours to explore London’s historic scene and be there at the Globe Theatre.