Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany
Popular for its Berlin Wall, that has immense historical significance, Berlin is one of the trending tourist destinations today. Known as the capital city of Germany, Berlin goes back in time to 13th century. In the past, the city had witnessed a tumultuous state, especially in 20th century, which is depicted in the Holocaust Memorial as well as the grafittied remains of Berlin Wall. The city fell into division when the Cold War took place and its Brandenburg Gate of 18th century became the icon for reunification. In addition to all these aspects, Berlin is also popular for its creative and artistic art scene as well as new age landmarks such as the Berliner Philharmonie, established back in 1963. Every year there are several travellers who visit this city! If you are a budget traveler and want to plan your holiday judiciously to this city, opting in for cheap flights from Flycite is a smart call, as you can save big.

Things to see in Berlin
Berlin needs to be explored with ample time at hand and when the weather is soothing. Keeping this in mind, the ideal time to plan your visit is between the months of May and September where other than sightseeing you can laze at the park, visit different cafe’s and stroll around the city without getting worn out. Winter season too is good if you aren’t traveling when it freezes.

With its ancient monuments that are casted against a shimmering city landscape, Berlin provides some of the popular tourist such as the East Side Gallery, Museum Island, the ancient Reichstag Building which is the glass-domed parliament house, Pergamum Museum that highlights the excellent antiques and stunning art collections, Berlin Cathedral, the much talked about Neues Museum, Bode Museum, DDR Museum, Berlin Zoological Garden and many more. Whether you are traveling solo or with your family, the city welcomes every traveller warmly with its ancient sites, lavish malls, restaurants and cafeterias. Make it a point of visit Spree, that provides you with great scopes pertaining to bicycle touring, cycling, canals, green forest exploration and scenic rivers as well.