Cochin, India

Cochin is a popular travel destination for the ones who love nature and love to explore a coastal region! Kochi or Cochi is a wel-known city located in the south-western region of the coastal state of Kerala. This city is known to be a port since the year 1341. During this time a massive flood had created a harbour and also made it open to the European, Chinese and the Arab merchants. Some of the sites here that still retain this impact, comprises of tourist attractions like Fort Kochi, which is a settlement along with bungalows that reflect the colonial tiles in addition to many other houses of worship. One of the typical or quintessential aspects of Kochi is the Chinese cantilevered fishing nets that are use of many centuries now. Kochin provides several interesting tourist sites to explore. And if you want to travel to Kochi within your budget, you can make the most of the cheap flight offers available in Flycite.

Things to see in Kochi
If you are planning to travel to Kochi, then the winter time is the best time to plan your vacation. The weather is soothing and pleasant that desn’t allow you to get tiered if you have a busy sightseeing plan. The best time therefore is anytime between the months of October and February.

If you want to check out places of historical interest the start with the Mattancherry Palace that is a palace which was constructed by the Portuguese back in the year 1555 and the Paradesi Synagogue which is the oldest synagogue in India and allows you to have a look at some of the ancient relics that are housed here. There are also other names such as the Hill Palace, Indo-Portuguese Museum, Bastion Bungalow, Greenix Village, Museum of Kerala History, Dutch cemetery, Jain Temple, Bishop’s House and many more.

And if you want to relax and zone out from the chaos of the city life either at the start or end of your vacation, then you can head to the Fort Kochi Beach or the Cherai Beach or rejuvenate your mind and body!