Paris, France


Paris, France
No other European destination is as trending as Paris! Lavish tourists, globe trotters and budget travellers visit Paris, France all year round. Popular as a romantic destination amidst the couples and lovers, this European city happens to be the global hut for food, art, fashion and boasts its rich cultural heritage as well. In addition to that, the city charms its visitors and locals with its 19th century quaint cityscape that is further intertwined by the expansive boulevards as well as the famous River Seine. A couple of the iconic landmarks here include the Eiffel Tower, the ancient Gothic Notre-Dame dating back to 12th century and The Louvre. Shopping enthusiasts can make their way to the designer boutiques and elite cafe’s found in the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. To be able to visit this city, within your budget you can rely on the affordable flight deals and offers that are available on Flycite.

Things to see in Paris
Sightseeing in any city is dependent on the climatic conditions. So the best time for all the sightseeing activities in Paris, is between the months of June and August, when the atmosphere is said to be “Parfait” which means perfect.

On your sightseeing activity you can opt in for guided tours or can check-out the tourist sites as per your preferense depending on the duration of your vacation. Some of the popular tourist sites that you must explore here include names like Arc de Triomphe which is a national monument, Musee d’Orsay that is known for its excellent collection of 19th and 20th century art masterpieces, Sainte Chapelle that is one of the popular Gothic chapels with its stunning stained glass windows, Parc Monceau that is a popular wooded park with 18th century follies and many more.

Travellers, who want to explore a bunch of sites at once, can make it to the Le Marais in this city that is popular for its choices in shopping, art museums, walking as wel as the best synagogues as wel. There’s also the Latin Quarters that is all about churches, bistros, nightlife and great shopping.