Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy
Imbued with rich history and ancient anecdotes, Rome is a history explorer’s delightful globe! The popular capital city of Italy, Rome is developing, swank cosmopolitan city that is known for its grand 3,000 years of internationally influential art scene, fine architecture and refined culture that’s on display. There’s more for you! Rome, Italy is also popular for its historical ruins for instance the massive Colosseum and the Forum that evokes a sense of power and awe for the royal Roman Empire that spelt splendour in every way. Popular names like the Vatican City, Vatican Museums, the Roman Catholic Church and many other tourist sites can be explored here along with the Sistine Chapel frescoes by Michelangelo. Visitors and tourists who want to travel to Rome within their budget can opt in for the cheap flight deals that are provided from time to time by Flycite and also add to their savings.

Things to see in Rome
Climate plays a huge role when it comes to sightseeing! Hence, the apt time to make a visit to Rome is between the months of October and April, a time when the room rates slice down making it easy on your pockets. Though tourists and travellers might need to carry a warm coat, but that won’t pose a block on the sightseeing activities!

Whether it’s a solo or a family vacation, when in Rome you can explore popular tourist sites like the Pantheon, which is an iconic Roman church, the popular Trevi Fountains that has huge historical significance, the St. Peter’s Basilica which is said to the biggest basilica of Christianity round the globe, the Piazza Navona that is well-known for its classy square comprising fountains and bars, the Sistine Chapel, Galleria Borghese which is famous for its Renaissance masterpiece collection as well as the Spanish Steps, which is a popular baroque stairway and a popular meeting place.

For an interesting cluster of tourist sites to explore in this city, travellers and tourists can also head to the Janiculum, where you can explore the best monuments, theatre, garden, museum as well as a scenic botanical garden area.